eFRS - Enterprise Mobile Forms App.


Handle complex business rules, secure enterprise mobile forms and mobile form elements based on group permissions, geolocation, signatures, photos. Its all included.



Integrates with your Active Directory / LDAP servers. On-site hosting or Cloud plans available.



Create almost any mobile form for complex business logic in minutes.

Enterprise field reporting system (eFRS)

We used our expertise delivering apps to some of the largest mining, energy and government organisations in the world to develop the right system for enterprise data collection and data management.

We understand the level of quality, flexibility and service you need - and your stakeholders expect. We also have the experience delivering on these expectations.

We believe in developing an exceptional and approachable vendor client relationship and welcome a meeting to sit down and discuss your options, demonstrate the app and understand the often complex sales cycle in your organisation. We aren't here for the quick win.

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Paper forms to smart forms

Feature set

eFRS has every data collection type that you would come to expect - but that isn't the real power. We can customise the platform to exactly suit your needs and ensure we are delivering an app that meets your business requirements - not bending your requirements to meet a close enough solution.

  • Point-and-click business logic
  • Rules based notifications / emailing
  • Active Directory / LDAP authentication
  • Granular group/role based permissions
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Geolocation, Signatures, Barcodes, Push notifications, and Photos
  • Cloud based and self hosted / offsite options
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Capable


We recenctly moved from a "per user per month" pricing model to a "pay for what you use" model.

This means that the pricing is based on a per submission basis, and gets cheaper per submission the more you create. The price includes the maintenance, storage and backup of your data for 7 years, for as low as 12c per document. There are no minimum monthly spends, and all of your data is safe in our enterprise grade infrastructure.

Contact us with your estimated requirements for a no obligation quote.

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